Looking Up – Why Roof Lanterns Can Light Up Your Life

If you’re anything like me, the two things you look for when viewing a potential property are light and space. You don’t see many episodes of property programs where a couple walk into a potential home and exclaim “It feels so dim, so cramped – I love it!” In the same way, rare is the estate agent who’ll use the “it’s cramped, but it’s dark too so you won’t notice as much” angle to try and hook you on a property.

But because light and space are so in demand from both homeowners and potential homeowners alike, they come at a premium, adding thousands of pounds worth of value onto properties that possess these much sought-after assets.

So how can you get this extra light and space without knocking down walls or embarking on a major building project? Well, this is where Timber Roof Lanterns come in. The addition of a timber roof lantern to your home can not only change your living environment, but it can add many times its value to your property.

So what exactly is a timber roof lantern? Well, in layman’s terms it’s a glazed feature that’s installed on your roof, but in reality, it can be whatever you want it to be: moveable, ventilated, small or large, traditional or contemporary – the only limits are your imagination and your budget.

I became one of an ever-growing number of converts to the benefits of roof lanterns when I saw the effect one had on my cousin’s flat. He had a roof garden (the lucky swine) that he accessed by a swing-down ladder in his hallway that led to a heavily wooded hatch. But as a consequence of the difficultly, he always had in forcing the heavy hatch aside each time he wanted to get outdoors, the roof remained a rarely used venue. Last year he decided to spend a bit of money on fixing the problem and had a sliding roof lantern installed in place of the hatch. Not only has the hallway of the flat been transformed by the daylight that now floods in, but the roof garden is now used far more (and consequently his flat’s popularity as a party venue has also risen immeasurably!).

But even if your timber roof lanterns don’t provide you with direct access to the outdoors, it still brings the outside into your home, the altering shades of natural light giving your room an ever-changing character that’s as varied as the day is long. Why spend money on expensive lighting systems when you can sit on your sofa and look up at the stars, or cook lunch beneath crystal blue skies?

If you’re considering a new build project, it would be almost criminal not to consider including a roof lantern in the design – they are far more secure than skylights and bring a much greater level of energy efficiency to a home, retaining and adding heat whilst providing the opportunity for improved ventilation. The wide array of designs available also means that roof lanterns can be retro-fitted to existing homes without spoiling a building’s traditional look (after all, roof lanterns have been in use since the 16th century).

So if you’re one of the thousands of homeowners out there looking for a cost-effective and easy way to improve your property and add value, I’d highly recommend browsing the net and having a look at one of the best and easiest options out there, because, with roof lanterns, the sky’s the limit.

Using Construction Bidding Software To Improve Bid Preparation

You know that the most expensive commodity you are dealing with is your time if you are running a contracting firm. The preparation of estimates, management of products, organization of details, helping your employees through the various tasks which they need to finish, and coming up with solutions to all the problems which come up as you work all help in taking up your time. Construction bidding software can ease the workload by eliminating manual tasks and establishing templates for repetitive tasks. Construction bidding programs also have built-in cost units to make estimating and supplier reference simple and easy.

Unfortunately, a lot of small and medium contractors put hours of hard work into their job, and yet they go back to the office in a few hours and wonder how they can get more work done at the same time. If you are one of these people, you need to become more efficient. That’s where construction bidding software will help you out. It will make your job easier because the preset template screens are automatically established and you can work through your estimates with a faster turnaround time.

If you are new to construction bidding, you need to know now that it is both an art as well as a science. While the bidding process requires a lot of time and skill, construction bidding software can make the construction bidding procedure a lot easier for you by helping you while planning projects, aiding you in coming up with material costs correctly, and also helping out with studies of motion and time. The built-in functionality of construction bid management software reduces the need for manual processing.

For instance, you will require clarifications when you are making the construction plan which will help you make the estimates so that you can come up with an accurate bid. This process can take up quite a lot of time, and your client might have to answer a set of different questions from different bidders. Construction bid software has pre-established cost unit estimates which can be useful for estimating purposes. You will have to make sure that you have the correct information which you need, but you have to do this without irritating your potential client by making him answer a lot of questions. The construction bidding software will help you with these tasks.

When you are making estimates, it is of great importance that you make them clear and brief, but you should also ensure that they are complete. You will have to have a nice cover letter and a proposal and you should have a meeting with your client where you can discuss the estimates in person. When bidding for big corporate or government jobs, you cannot do this, but this approach could help you differentiate your company from other such companies. You should also ensure that you keep apart enough time to deal with any problems which might come up after making your proposal. Construction bid estimating software allows you to record project notes for future reference.

Your business acumen and judgment will come in handy while using construction bidding software.

Construction Consultants – Can Help Keep Your Project On Time And Budget

When you are planning on building a home, it can be the most exciting time of your life. It is important to do everything right, not only because you want your home to be perfect, but you also need to consider the cost and material that will be needed to build it. That’s where a construction consultant comes into play.

If you are a novice, this process will most likely be overwhelming. Most of the time, the homeowner will underestimate the cost of building and the entire project is shut down until more funding is found. Expertise upfront, from a construction consultant, can save you time and money in the long run if you do not have the necessary expertise.

It is advisable to hire a construction consultant. These are trained professionals who have been in the construction business for years. They have the know-how to create a home and keep the costs within a specific budget. Construction management consultants can draw on industry experience and case studies, the knowledge that is hard to come by if you do not have the required experience.

A construction consultant can advise you on how to design your new home, what your budget should be and what material should be used. They know what contractors to hire and can keep them to a deadline.

There are many different aspects of building a house that nobody thinks about until they are needed. A construction consultant thinks of those things ahead of time and incorporates them into your budget. There is nothing that is forgotten or left out.

Contractors, carpenters, electricians, and plumbers all charge a rate that you may find outrageous. However, a construction design consultant may have a few tricks to lower the costs. They may also have a certain contractor that they use and trust.

Construction consultants provide quality service to their clients, and often, they will oversee the building of the home of your dreams. They will meet with you to design every aspect of your home whether it is a luxury mansion or a residential dwelling. Building construction consultants will discuss every detail right down to the molding that you want.

Often, you will find that a construction consulting company will grant you a home loan or even a home improvement loan and will complete the chosen design with that budget.

If you are planning on building a home where you can entertain or just relax with your family, a construction consultant can interpret what you want and design the perfect home. Even if you’re doing a simple renovation, remodeling consultants can save you time and money.

Choosing Which Renovation

Choosing what renovations you should carry out on your home can be a difficult task. Homeowners often want something that not only makes their house more livable, but that will provide value if the house is sold later on.

Today we are going to look at six of the top home improvements that can make your home more comfortable, while also raising the potential market value of your home.

Indoor Systems

Exterior renovations and interior cosmetics receive the most publicity when it comes to home remodeling, but they don’t actually provide the most value or marketability. Improvements like centralized air conditioning and heating will not only make your home more comfortable now, but they will appeal to future home owners more than any other feature.

Outdoor Remodeling

Outdoor remodeling might include upgrading siding, guttering, or even the roofing on your home. These projects can net the best returns and they are also the most effective home improvements for increasing curbside appeal.

Space Improvements

Space improvements are ones where you take an existing space and turn it in to valuable living area. This could include things like converting the attic in to bedrooms, or remodeling your basement to create an additional living room.

Add a Bathroom

If you’re in an older house with just a single bathroom, consider adding one for convenience. This will not only make your home more livable now but it will increase the appeal if you ever choose to sell. Modern homes often have at least two bathrooms, so adding a new one to your home can increase its market appeal.

Kitchen Remodeling

Kitchen remodeling can be expensive but it definitely makes for a more enjoyable home. A kitchen is also usually the first area of a home to start looking dated. A fresh coat of paint can make a major difference, but if you have the budget consider replacing cabinets and countertops to create a more contemporary décor.

Miscellaneous Improvements

These are the type of home improvements that add more value to the homeowner in the meantime but can also be used as features when selling. Installing an alarm system, water purification, or even upgrading the white ware in the kitchen are all great ideas for home improvements.

The biggest thing to remember when you’re improving with the aim of a sale (either immediately or within the next five years) is to spend according to your market value. Sticking with items and renovations that improve both the livability and durability of your home is the best strategy when you’re thinking of selling.

Saving Money on Energy Around The Home

Saving energy in your home has a knock-on effect – it saves you money as well. For many people, this is important especially when energy prices are currently so high. Here, we look at five simple ways you can reduce the amount of energy that you need to buy.

Use The OFF Button More

Turning things off instead of leaving them on standby means that they don’t draw any power at all. It might seem like a very small saving, but add it up over lots of appliances (think about your microwave, TV, games consoles, computers, chargers for your phone, etc.) and it can make more difference than you might think.

Turn Down The Temperature

Turning down the temperature you wash clothing at, the temperature your hot water tank heats water to, and even the thermostat that heats your home can all make a difference because the less you need to heat the water or your house, the less energy you’ll use.

Add Insulation

Adding insulation around your house can cost less than you might think. If your home is poorly insulated it will lose a lot of heat meaning that you use much more energy than you need to keep your home warm. Insulation can be added by lagging the loft, having cavity wall insulation put in, putting up thick curtains at windows and doors, and adding insulation to a concrete or wooden floors as well. You can also put lagging around hot water pipes and a jacket on your hot water tank to help stop heat loss here too.

Fit Double Glazing

Like with insulating your home, fitting uPVC glazing will help stop heat loss from your windows. A single glazed window only offers a single layer of glass between your home and the outside world. Double glazing offers two layers of glass, and an air gap between them all of which will help to stop drafts and keep the heat from escaping so easily.

Fit Solar PV

Fitting Solar PV panels to your home will mean you can produce your electricity and won’t need as much from the national grid as you currently do. Solar panels gather energy from the sun’s rays and convert it into electricity.

With Solar PV there are additional benefits in the form of the FiT scheme from the government, which gives you money back over 25 years for producing electricity. Similarly, fitting some types of insulation around your homes such as cavity wall insulation and insulation in the loft, you may be able to get help in the form of a grant or even get it done for free if you receive certain types of benefit.